Bob’s Recovery Story

“I had suffered with severe depression for about three years at the time I decided to go to the Bridge. I had pursued many avenues to address my depression and would have occasional respites from it, but nothing seemed to last. When my depression first hit, I pursued the medical route and ended up on a number of meds. I had been a very healthy individual up until the time I experienced depression and had never been on any meds. Anyhow, I started down a more natural route (diet, supplements) and improved some, but was still struggling mightily.

The Bridge was a real turning point in my healing. The people and experiences at The Bridge enabled me to get back in touch with who I really am and with the power I possess to control my thoughts and destiny. And even more important was the understanding that although depression had been a huge influence in my life for three years, it did not have to rule my future. Before I went to the Bridge, I committed to myself that I would engage in every aspect and consider every concept and principle presented, and I did that with all my heart and soul. As a result, I experienced a great deal of healing and reconnected with a sense of self and the sense of humor that had always characterized my life to this point. The Bridge experience isn’t easy – it’s not a spa – it’s a lot of hard work, but it’s worth it.The people who experience it, leave the program with a set of tools that help them take back control over their life and their thoughts.

I can highly recommend the Bridge. All the practitioners at the Bridge had had their own struggles and can relate to what you’re going through. I really can’t say enough about what is offered there.”