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The Bridge Recovery Center is a one-of-a-kind mental health retreat and treatment center for chronic pain and illness. We help people of all ages recover from chronic health conditions like depression and fibromyalgia for going on 21 years. If you or a loved one needs relief and have struggled to find the right solution, our recovery program may be right for you.

All-Inclusive Healing Retreat For Chronic Health Conditions

Get Back To Living Your Best Life

For millions of Americans struggling with chronic conditions like depression, CFS or fibromyalgia, recovery can feel like an impossible dream. In the past 21 years, The Bridge Recovery Center has helped hundreds of people who’ve lost hope. We help people get their lives back through our unique combination of proven clinical and holistic methodologies. 

Our program is a three-week retreat with full accommodations in the sunny and peaceful desert just outside of St. George, Utah. We’ve helped people of all ages and backgrounds rejuvenate their mind and body through our structured program overseen by an experienced team of physicians, therapists, counselors, mental health experts, fitness trainers, lifestyle coaches and holistic healers. 

Chronic Depression
Anxiety & Stress
CFS / Chronic Fatigue
Chronic Pain
Chronic Illness
Failed Surgery
Adult Diabetes
Chronic Migraines
Our Founder

Dr. Daren Brooks

Dr. Brooks started The Bridge with a mission to help people recover from debilitating chronic depression, fibromyalgia and chronic illness with a whole mind-body approach. With the support of his dedicated staff, he's produced unprecedented results for individuals with a variety of health conditions for nearly 21 years. 

Dr. Brooks developed his career as a multi-disciplined expert in gerontology, diet/nutrition, stress management and mind-body medicine. He spent much of his career teaching health science at premier universities and has held long-term consulting contracts with NASA, IBM, Coca Cola, Kodak, Cisco  and other professional organizations. 

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Recovery Center For Mental Health, Chronic Pain & Illness

Join Us For 21 Days In Southern Utah

All meals, housing, therapies and activities are included. We limit each retreat session to 15 people to ensure each guest receives our full attention and one-on-one personalized care. Our whole-person approach to recovery delivers a healing, lasting and memorable experience for all our guests.

Comfortable Accomodations

All guests have their own room and enjoy healthy chef-prepared meals for the entirety of their stay. We have a resort-size outdoor swimming pool and comfortable common areas. Views of the desert and mountains around St. George are in abundance.

Whole-Person Approach

We offer guests a variety of therapy and counseling sessions including one-on-one therapy sessions, relationship counseling, meditation and deep sleep training, physical therapy, daily massage, acupuncture, chiropractic and personal training.

Clinical Support

All guests receive a physician consultation and bloodwork and are offered additional clinical support including medication and substance counseling, clinical psychology, pain management and skills training.

Healing Activities

Guests enjoy many different holistic activities at The Bridge to revitalize the mind, body and spirit including yoga classes, fitness training, mind-body workshops, art and music therapy, hiking, rock climbing, equine therapy and more. 

Next Session: July 12th - August 1st, 2021

Space Is Limited

We limit our class sizes to ensure the best experience for each guest. If you have questions or are interested in attending the retreat this year, we recommend you get in touch with us early to apply for your spot. 

Before The Bridge I was taking several medications daily. I hardly left my house and was sleeping most days away. I lost hope of ever leading a normal productive life. After The Bridge, my life completely changed. The Bridge helped me find strength to be active, healthy and happy again. And I'm now able to live life without depending on medication. The staff is amazing and the program is life-changing. I will never be able to thank them enough. I'm now living life to its fullest each day thanks to The Bridge.

Stephanie B.

The Bridge Recovery Center

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