There Is Hope

For those suffering from Fibromyalgia

Pain and exhaustion from Fibromyalgia can seem endless. The disorder can cause widespread pain, fatigue, and memory issues, which can affect your sleep and overall mood. The Fibromyalgia Pain Treatment Program at The Bridge Health Recovery Center will help you find the proper balance of exercise, relaxation, and medications to help control your fibromyalgia symptoms.

Individual results may vary. The Bridge has a very high success rate, but we have found that those with the greatest improvements are always those who put forth the effort during their stay with us and put into practice the changes they’ve learned afterwards.

Does Fibromyalgia pain ever end?

Fibromyalgia can be debilitating in all of its forms. This condition also has a remarkably wide range of symptoms and as intensities it can be difficult to detect and treat. A major problem today is that people with fibromyalgia are often so medicated with such a wide variety of pharmaceuticals that they begin to have more complicated problems from their medication while finding little or no relief from the fibromyalgia pain.

My Fibromyalgia seems unique and difficult to treat, is there hope?

The Bridge Recovery Center’s Fibromyalgia clinic in St. George will help you not only understand but begin to recover from the debilitating condition. We believe that Fibromyalgia is like many other difficult conditions acquired in life in the sense that they can generally be “un-acquired.” Everyone’s system has a complicated array of triggers physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, etc. We have found that unresolved conflict in any of the aforementioned areas can have a profound effect on the pain and tenderness felt in bouts of Fibromyalgia.

What can I expect from the Fibromyalgia treatment I will receive at The Bridge Clinic?

The Bridge Recovery Center program has helped many to manage Fibromyalgia with little or no medication and many have even eliminated their symptoms completely. Individual results can vary, but addressing the effects fibromyalgia has had on each guest’s mental and emotional well-being is essential for recovery. In addition, proper diet, movement, massage, acupuncture, traditional medication, supplements, and herbs are all used appropriately in the intensive and comprehensive program.

We Help You Understand What’s Wrong

For you or someone you know that is living with a chronic pain, depression, anxiety, or any chronic illness, The Bridge Recovery Center is the relief treatment center you need. Our 3-week wellness retreat program in beautiful Southern Utah doesn’t feel like a rehabilitation clinic but rather provides the medical support needed for chronic illness, pain, depression, and anxiety in a home-like environment.

Patient Testimonials

Don’t just believe us. See what past users have to say.

“For me, it was all about the magic and power of community. Being in this enlightened community, where everyone’s primary concern was with the well being of one another helped lift my spirits, and returned back to me a sense of inclusiveness and belonging that had been missing in my life. I can’t praise more the competence and professionality of both the staff and the practitioners. This is a place that really cares and delivers.”

Mark September 2016 Guest

“The Bridge is an experience that words can’t justify. The staff, as well as the providers, come together in a powerful way to create a place of wellness, safety, and life changes. You will come to the Bridge as a person you have become, but when you leave, with their guidance you will know who you really are. That someone is worth getting to know.”

Keri June, 2014 Guest

“Before the Bridge, I was on multiple anxiety medications, unable to leave my house most days. I would sleep each day away. I was also suffering from PTSD from my childhood. The Bridge changed my life. The staff is beyond amazing and the program is wonderful. The staff really cares and is there every step of the way. I am now active, healthier, happier, and no longer dwelling on the past. I will never be able to thank them enough. I am now living life to its fullest thanks to the bridge.”

Stephanie 2014 Guest

“Having finished my work at the Bridge two days ago, I feel a strong desire to give back and spread the word. The skills and concepts that I learned are both groundbreaking and invaluable. I cant explain what it felt like to be cared for, truly cared for, for 20 days. The healing and growth that I experienced is a true blessing in my life and I cant imagine any other format or place on this earth that could get close to matching what I got from the Bridge. Daren is a true visionary and his team was clearly put together through inspiration. These people don’t just go to work everyday; they truly care.”

Doug June, 2014 Guest

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We help up to 98%* of our clients to recover from anxiety, depression, chronic pain, depression, anxiety, or any chronic illness and other emotional and health challenges.