“Before the Bridge, I was on multiple anxiety medications, unable to leave my house most days. I would sleep each day away. I was also suffering from PTSD from my childhood. The Bridge changed my life. The staff is beyond amazing and the program is wonderful. The staff really cares and is there every step of the way. I am now active, healthier, happier, and no longer dwelling on the past. I will never be able to thank them enough. I am now living life to its fullest thanks to the bridge.”


“For me, it was all about the magic and power of community. Being in this enlightened community, where everyone’s primary concern was with the well being of one another helped lift my spirits, and returned back to me a sense of inclusiveness and belonging that had been missing in my life. I can’t praise more the competence and professionalism of both the staff and the practitioners. This is a place that really cares and delivers.”


“The Bridge is an experience of a lifetime. Before going to the Bridge I suffered from anxiety and depression and wouldn’t go a day without having a panic attack. Countless days were spent in bed, searching the internet for therapists, and constantly trying new medications. It came to a point where I gave up and was tired of looking for the answers I was trying to find. After finding the Bridge, I look back and I am so glad I made the decision to go. The staff was amazing and treated me like family. The Bridge was a turning point in my life and it gave me the confidence to face the world with a different outlook. Anxiety and Depression do not control my life anymore and I have not had one panic attack since coming home. It is such a relief to know that there is a solution. Before this experience I would constantly say that I was unhappy and now I can say I am the happiest I have ever been. ”


“Having finished my work at the Bridge two days ago, I feel a strong desire to give back and spread the word. The skills and concepts that I learned are both groundbreaking and invaluable. I cant explain what it felt like to be cared for, truly cared for, for 20 days. The healing and growth that I experienced is a true blessing in my life and I cant imagine any other format or place on this earth that could get close to matching what I got from the Bridge. Daren is a true visionary and his team was clearly put together through inspiration. These people don’t just go to work everyday; they truly care. Thank you Thank you Thank you. You will see me again soon when I come to give back. These things and “the Bridge” are now truly a part of my soul.”


“I was diagnosed over 15 years ago with fibromyalgia. At that time I had 4 small children and a husband with a demanding career. I really believed life would always be painful and I just had to figure out how best to manage the pain (physical and emotional). I visited Dr. after Dr., had multiple surgeries, tried all kinds of medication however, eventually it resulted in a very unhappy, hopeless state of being. The Bridge taught me that was NOT how life needed to be. The staff and providers taught me that I was in charge. Not my emotional state and not my pain! For the first time in a long time I have hope that my children, my husband, but most importantly I can live a happy healthy, hopeful life. I wish I could have found The Bridge years ago but whenever you go is always a good time for a new beginning. I changed my life!”


“Before the Bridge I had no hope: I lost my partner, job, school, leadership roles in my extra-curricular activities, and my family was walking on eggshells around me. The Bridge helped me to come off of medications I had been on for years that were no longer effective and gave me the tools to deal with the sources of the depression and PTSD. The program while short is very effective and if you are ready to let go of what is holding you back, whether it be past relationships, abuse, trauma, mood disorders, or negative self-talk, they will give the tools for you to take control of your life. It is not a comfortable process, and there will be moments when you want to quit, but if you push through and trust the amazing staff to help you heal then you will come home a totally different person. Good Luck on your Journey!”


“We focus and spend so much time on our outwardly appearance and the rewards of the world. Which I feel comes from obtaining wealth, looks and being ok with ourselves, that we often forget to work on our heart, soul and mind. I am a believer of fulfilling ones best self. With the knowledge of recognizing we all need to spend more time working on ourselves, there are definitely programs out there who offer to do such things. Having the opportunity to attend several other similar programs, I believe that the process the Bridge program has to offer is 100% from a space of love and compassion. I’ve learned traits I can use in everyday life to find a clear head, peace and happiness. It’s a process that I 110% have chosen to embrace in the comfort of Massages, Acupuncture, Reiki Therapy, Personal Trainer and pampered with the best of food and Education about the Value of taking care of your body with food and healing your heart, mind and soul. With the freedom of choice I have experienced in the program, it creates a real choice for the participants and it allows us the freedom to create our own personal needs for ourselves.”


“The Bridge Recovery Center has put together a fantastic program to make healing accessible to nearly anyone. The intelligent and caring staff members are really the heart and soul of the Bridge. They almost certainly have experience helping someone who is going through whatever issues you are working on. The series of lectures are well thought out and contain exactly what people need to learn about finding happiness and cultivating resilience. The Bridge has compiled an extensive library, where readers can find books pertaining to their specific situations. There is sound scientific evidence for many of the modalities utilized to improve well-being. You will experience positive social immersion, massages, chiropractic care, counseling, personal training, a nourishing diet, and sunshine in wide uninhabited spaces. You will leave feeling far more confident about your ability to take control of your life.”


“It is an amazing thing, I have never felt quite so motivated as I have since attending The Bridge. And it has persisted… It has been now 8 weeks since The Bridge. I continue to eat healthy, exercise regularly, not smoke or drink, approach life’s challenges mindfully. I am down to 225 pounds and have surpassed where I was strength-wise while in college.I have an interesting story in terms of the eagerness and zeal towards life Daren presented, I sort of took the same approach to the job I found a few weeks past. The job is filthy, hazardous, and disgusting in many ways, it is also quite tedious, repetitive, and simple. Nevertheless, I have approached it with the utmost enthusiasm; I have done so almost to a ridiculous degree. I am sure I have been the butt of jokes at the shop, I see people watching me speed mopping, I can only imagine I look ridiculous. Here is the thing, I am working there 4 weeks and am informed that I am to be promoted and paid 3 times as much. I must keep this up. I think this is the secret to life, just be that dude who enjoys everything.”


“I would more than highly recommend “The Bridge.” I think everyone should have this experience! If I could, I would send all of my family and friends there because The Bridge is a life-changing, empowering experience. There is nothing else like it out there! It really amazed me how they can cater to so many different needs, you do the work and they have the tools. They don’t cover it up with medicine and send you home. You will find you are a different person when you leave. The things that I think really made the difference are: they truly care (that is rare these days), the entire staff is Over the Top and amazing, and they teach you hands-on and through your own personal experiences. Then, they give you the tools and teach you how to make the changes you need in your own life. You will be a better person for yourself, your family, your friends, and the world when you leave The Bridge.”


“Not a day goes by that i don’t think about my days at the Bridge. I think about the people that cared for us as if we were the first group and the last one too. Hard to imagined that a lot of people like me come and go out of their lives. God knows it took me so long to make the decision to go. Why is it that we think so much before spending money for us when we would not blink to do it for the health of a loved one?. I treasured every single day, every word and remember that everything they had in store for us, even the most simple fun activity had a very important message to learn. I can’t forget to mention the impact that those big mountains had on me..The air, the silence and their magnificence helped in the process of putting a stop to the madness in my head. I learned a lot of things that I took with me. I still have lupus but the difference is that now lupus doesn’t have me.”


“The Bridge is an experience that words can’t justify. The staff, as well as the providers, come together in a powerful way to create a place of wellness, safety, and life changes. You will come to the Bridge as a person you have become, but when you leave, with their guidance you will know who you really are. That someone is worth getting to know.”


“I had suffered with severe depression for about three years at the time I decided to go to the Bridge. I had pursued many avenues to address my depression and would have occasional respites from it, but nothing seemed to last. When my depression first hit, I pursued the medical route and ended up on a number of meds. I had been a very healthy individual up until the time I experienced depression and had never been on any meds. Anyhow, I started down a more natural route (diet, supplements) and improved some, but was still struggling mightily. The Bridge was a real turning point in my healing. The people and experiences at The Bridge enabled me to get back in touch with who I really am and with the power I possess to control my thoughts and destiny.”

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“I have suffered with lupus for 20 years. Six years ago, dermatomyositis set in and my legs were so weak that it was hard to leave the house. I was using a wheelchair and a cane. My active lifestyle was severely affected and I worried about my quality of life. I had seen plenty of medical doctors and rheumatologists, who prescribed all kinds of drugs, including steroids, methotrexate, and enbrel injections with limited and temporary success. I became so desperate to get help that I did a search on the Internet and found The Bridge Recovery Center. It was a scary and big commitment for me, but I decided to register for the program. The Bridge helped me get my life back. When I arrived, I was on a cane and so weak that I needed assistance to get around. When I left, I was able to put down my cane and I felt a peace with my life that I haven’t felt before. I am now exercising, hiking, living the life that I missed for so long. The Bridge also helped me to stop most of my medications, and I will soon be off steroids completely! Thanks to The Bridge and all of the people there that helped in large measure to give me the ability to enjoy life with confidence and without the concerns that I had because of my illness.”


“I’m only 22 years old, but for over 10 years, I struggled with gradually worsening health issues: chronic pelvic pain, severe digestive issues, and poor immune function, to name a few. I had tried dozens of medications, and surgery after surgery, but my doctors and specialists couldn’t pinpoint any specific reason why I was so sick. A few months before I discovered the Bridge, I began dealing with some childhood traumas that I had, to that point, ignored and kept secret. When I found the Bridge, I felt prompted to go, but was wary; I thought it was probably too good to be true. Going to the Bridge was one of the best decisions I have ever made. It changed the course of my life. The providers and staff set me firmly on the path of emotional, physical, and spiritual healing. I won’t lie, while cathartic, it was intensely difficult. I cried in my room many days. Things got worse before they got better, but after about a week and a half, my physical pain literally left my body as I finally addressed what was going on with me emotionally. The Bridge gave me the tools I needed to address pain and assume accountability for my own choices. Today, I am in school full-time. My health is no longer an obstacle to my happiness—and I am truly happy!! My motto, courtesy of Maya Angelou, is: “Do the best until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.” The Bridge helped me “know better”. Yes, I’m where I am today because of my own choices; but I wouldn’t have known the choices available to me without the Bridge.”


“I am a 35 year old mother of three beautiful children. I had been diagnosed several years ago as having depression and anxiety, and I lived for many years in pain. I did everything I could to feel happy including medicine, psychiatry, therapy, herbs, chiropractic, prayer, self-help books – you name it – I did it. In November of 2012, I reached the point where I felt stuck. I felt like I was at the bottom of a dark pit and didn’t know how to climb out. I felt like everything in my life was good, so why was I feeling this way? Once I had reached what I considered “rock bottom” my husband and I decided I needed more help, and we were led to “The Bridge.” From the website to the testimonials to talking to EmmaLeigh on the phone, we just knew this was the right place for me to be. I attended the Nov-Dec. 2012 session. Now, a couple of months later, it’s hard to even recall who I used to be, because I honestly feel like a brand new person. I consider the whole experience nothing short of a miracle.It is not one experience that I had at the Bridge that changed my life, but everything put together. The program is masterfully designed and once I put my trust in the process, it began to work for me. I learned so many truths that have become tools for me to use in my real life back at home. It takes a lot of courage to do this and a lot of faith, but I guarantee that if you are feeling like there is no hope, that you don’t know what else to do, or that you will never be able to feel better – that will change if you attend this program and give it your all. Life isn’t easy, but it can be joyful. I truly believe that now and live it every day. It is worth the money, the time, the sacrifice, and the work. It is a beautiful place run by kind and wonderful people and you will have absolutely life-changing experiences. You are worth it!”


“In early 2009, I was in a bad car accident while at work. I was rear ended at a stop light by a young driver who was texting and never saw my car. The accident left me with a severe spinal sprain, bruising to my brain and ear drums, a bulging disk, broken ribs on my right side and extremely sore muscles all over. A year later, during the course of treatment, I was diagnosed with a 4 letter disease that would change my life: CRPS. A routine needle puncture that was meant to deliver steroids to my neck to make me feel better had done quite the opposite. My injuries immediately went from bad to nearly impossible to live with once the CRPS set in.

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“My name is Krista S. and I’m at stay home mom of three wonderful children, ages between 8-13. I have suffered from anxiety for 12 years and severe depression for 2 years. The last two years of my life all I did was go from doctor to doctor trying to figure out what was wrong with me and didn’t get any relief. I was spending a lot of money that did me no good. I just got passed around from one doctor to another with different treatment plans that had no continuity. Nothing was helping…the counseling, all the different doctors, all the meds. It got to the point that I decided and believed deep down in my soul that my family was better off without me. My kids and husband deserved much better than what I was giving them. That’s when I hit rock bottom. I couldn’t live like this anymore and I needed help.

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“Put simply, The Bridge changed my life. I had been ill and suffering for years with chronic lyme disease, and I was despondent and convinced that I would never by healthy again. Looking back on my intake form for The Bridge, I saw that I wrote: “I am in pain all the time, extreme pain when I sleep and extreme pain when I do day-to-day activities such as walking. I am extremely fatigued and have ‘brain fog’. I am also depressed and cry often.” The Bridge providers brought me out of my deep unhealthy “funk”, helped me surrender to my recovery and taught me incredibly useful and practical tools to help me regain my health and well-being.

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“Before The Bridge, I was bedridden by depression, fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue. I had lost 30 pounds and was so weak I could hardly walk. When I would look in the mirror, I could see the light had gone out of my eyes. I wished constantly and prayed I would die. I was desperate, to say the least. My wonderful husband found The Bridge on the Internet and we immediately set up an appointment to meet with The Bridge personnel for a tour of the campus.”

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“In July 2014 I felt defeated, anxious, frustrated, worried, and pretty scared. I was sent the website of The Bridge and had to stop reading it as I was crying too hard. After living with chronic pain for 31 years, I knew that finally help is out there and I couldn’t stop crying because I saw HOPE! I was more than ready and willing to embrace anything that could help me and I knew how important that was and signing up was a no-brainer.

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“Because of my experiences at The Bridge, I have gotten my life back! When I finally bit the bullet (at first, the price seemed very high to me) and decided to go, my life started changing immediately. I felt like, “OK, I am doing something very soon to claim back my SELF.” That alone gave me some relief. Let me tell you, the price that you pay is not even close to the service that you get with the number of professionals, lectures, excursions, etc. that are provided. I could not believe how nice the amenities were, and how good the food was. If a person goes to The Bridge with an open mind and an open heart and a willingness to fight to get back to the happy person that he/she can be, the financial and time commitment will fall by the wayside. If you don’t even try, you get a luxury vacation out of it. If you try though, you WILL conquer whatever is holding you back from being yourself.

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“My experience at The Bridge will no doubt top my personal list of life-changing events. Any attempt to express the magnitude of what happened there seems futile, but I have to try so that others will be encouraged to take this leap of faith. I was at the end of myself. I had flailed about for a year and a half trying multiple remedies, philosophies and approaches to put out the flames of consuming anxiety mixed with a long history of depression.”

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“After suffering from debilitating anxiety and panic attacks for over 20 years, I eventually developed fibromyalgia. I was in constant pain and experienced muscle spasms, tingling, numbness, along with other symptoms. Eventually, the anxiety and chronic pain became more than I could bare, both physically and emotionally. ”

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“Having attended The Bridge Recovery Center this year in the Feb-March session, I can truly say that it was an experience like no other… I came here suffering from the many, many aspects of Fibromyalgia…Those of you who have Fibro can understand the vicious circle it causes in your life; Pain, depression, anxiety, loneliness, being anti-social, always crying, thinking you no longer want to be part of this world. So I’m speaking mainly to those people now, but down the line, I think I speak to all who have other things going on in their lives… It was scary to come here from so far. I knew I wanted to come since a year before when I was going through tremendous pain. I researched several facilities and The Bridge stood out for many reasons.”

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“When I began looking for a program to help me manage my chronic pain I didn’t know what I needed. I had exhausted every traditional form of treatment I knew. After 9 spinal surgeries, and countless other less invasive procedures, I still had significant pain and felt angry and frustrated most of the time.  When I arrived at the Bridge I was welcomed with open arms and open hearts. The providers, staff, and the wide variety of modalities and services created an intuitive and integrative healing journey. “Nothing changes if nothing changes” is my mantra now. The truth is, happiness was in me all along, but it was the program and its facilitators at The Bridge that showed me how to access it again. Ultimately anyone who comes here needs to show up and be open. That’s it. If you are open to looking at things from a different angle than you are used to…well…it’s nothing short of life changing. Well done to Dr. Brooks and the incredible staff and providers at The Bridge. You provided me with lifelong tools I will continue to use, wonderful friendships, and memories I will never forget. I sincerely thank you all from the bottom of my heart. “


“It was like a gift from heaven; every person here, every appointment. It is everything my soul has been yearning for. I’m alive again; not the walking dead!”

Doug Benson

“The healing that I experienced is a true blessing. I can’t imagine any other format or place on earth that could come close to what I got from the bridge.”