Chronic Pain? These Conditions Could Be Causing It

Chronic pain entails persistent pains which are typically lasting between twelve weeks to years on certain parts of the body such as the head, back, joints and muscles. A chronic pain retreat is often a relief for people suffering from the condition. Chronic pain differs from acute pains as acute pains are sensations that indicate signs of injuries needing attention. In the United States, the condition customarily affects between eleven and forty percent of the population. The 2016 statistics show that twenty percent of adults suffer from chronic pains whereas eight percent have extreme chronic illnesses. More so, the condition may extend to develop other complications which may end up severe and costly when seeking treatment options from any chronic pain treatment center. There are many conditions causing chronic pain. Few of them are listed below.

Conditions Causing Chronic Pain

Autoimmune Disease

Autoimmune problems such as celiac, rheumatoid arthritis, and lupus can cause chronic pain. These diseases occur when the immune system of the body affects healthy cells accidentally. Hence, leading to severe and prolonged illnesses. Research shows that a chronic pain natural healing center that uses psychotherapy along with other treatments decreases such cases through the management of stress and depression.


Also referred to as fibromyalgia syndrome, the condition results when an individual experiences pain to all parts of the body. Fibromyalgia majorly attacks muscles in all parts of the body leading to increased body sensitivity to pain and unusual tiredness and stiffness. The problem may last for years as it has no cure. But, therapy and reduced stress may assist in regulating the condition.


Migraines are the recurring headaches with varying intensity and are frequently accompanied by nausea and light and sound sensitivity. The pain resulting is regularly pulsing and affects mostly one side of the head. Migraine headaches may last for weeks to years with pains being severe. But pain-relieving drugs may be used to minimize the pain experienced.

Gastrointestinal Disease

Gastrointestinal Diseases are conditions that mostly affects or damages the digestive tract such as the stomach, small intestines, liver, esophagus, pancreas, and large intestines. Some of the diseases involved include anal fissures, hemorrhoids, and colitis. These problems usually are painful, and they may sometimes last for long periods hence resulting in chronic pain problems. Chronic pain treatment center experts can suggest several treatment options to such diseases, therefore, minimize the pains.

Neurological Problems

Neurological complications vary, and specific causes to such conditions include congenital abnormalities, environmental factors, and genetic disorders. The neurological problems can cause sharp pains and last between weeks to years in the absence of any assistance from professionals. Besides, the condition results in other conditions such as seizures, general body weakness, reading and writing impairment, and sometimes paralysis.

Infectious Diseases

Infectious diseases are problems resulting from microorganisms such as bacteria, parasites, and viruses damaging body tissues. Infections may infect crucial parts of the body such as the stomach, urinary tract, throat and the reproductive system leaving an individual in severe pain. The signs of prolonged illnesses consequently result in chronic pain problems in the affected region.

Treating typical chronic pain has always been difficult especially when the cause is unknown. However, the new mode of reducing pains through opioid medication has shown positive results. The method involves receptors binding together hence eliminating acute illnesses within minutes and chronic diseases after some hours. Unfortunately, these types of medication can cause problems of their own and finding alternatives to opioid medications is important.

On the other hand, chronic pain natural healing center specialists and therapists conclude that there is a benefit in using more sophisticated methods of reducing and managing chronic pain. More so, it is believed that stress and depression play a major role in chronic pain making psychotherapy and an important part of the treatment process. At The Bridge Recovery Center, the facility comprises of specialists who ensure a comprehensive treatment of chronic illnesses as well as other accompanying problems. It has well-scheduled programs and well-trained staff for delivery of professional treatment to all patients suffering from chronic pain.

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