Energy Healing in Healing Chronic Illness and What You Need To Know

If you are reading this post, it’s most likely because you or a close friend of yours is suffering from some chronic illness.  You might have tried many methods of becoming better: traditional medicine, various alternative therapies, switch diet plans.  While these sometimes appear to work for some time, they don’t provide you much with the lasting, sustainable remedy you’re hoping for.

Healing using energy can be quite beneficial in such situations.  I’ve cured myself of chronic illness through chronic fatigue syndrome recovery or M.E., also I’ve seen several friends and clients move towards wellness, vitality, and wellbeing with energy healing.

How does Energy Healing Work?

So you might ask, how energy healing works? It’s based on the concept that all is energy; that is nothing new: Indians have been discussing “life force” or “prana” Chinese about “chi” since ancient times. In this way of seeing the world, we’re more than just our physical bodies; we are our aura or energy bodies too.

When we are born, energy fields are wide open. So, when things that are tough to handle, we feel a significant impact entirely. These things could be deliberate abuse such as yelling or even physical violence by a parent or other adult. Many times, these things that happen to us energetically aren’t intentional, and always unconscious. Therefore, a young, new mother might feel anxious for her new baby – and the baby will pick up on this particular concern and anxiety. Or, commonly, a new sibling will probably come together, and the older child will realize that they’re not anymore the centre of the planet, which can be painful.

Energetic Armouring

As time goes by, we tend to be “smart” in making decisions and begin to create ways for not feeling the emotions that can hurt us.  Thus, we build what could be termed energetic armouring.  It is not unusual for people to suddenly recall something from their youth days that shows patterns in their adult lives.  As an example, I was in an energy healing workshop lately, and among the participants abruptly said they recalled deciding aged seven that they’d handle life by themselves and not be entirely open for to love from anyone else, as someone had let them down so badly.

While this kind of decision might be necessary for the existence of the 7-year old, it’s simple to see how it can become devastating if it’s carried into adult life.  In cases like this, the person was able to see how they were holding back in romantic relationships and friendships, and not feeling & searching the love & connection they wanted.

In many alternate ways, these energetic blockages can manifest.  For instance, it’s relatively common if we’ve been castigated as a kid to be disproportionately impacted by criticism from a friend, boss or lover as an adult.  Or we might have an allergy to a specific kind of food since it was forced on us desperately.  Many times, the fact that we have a “disproportionate” response to some scenario as an adult can be a sign that there’s something from the past that has to be looked at and released.

Relation to Chronic Illness

This is all good, but you might be wondering what all this has related to chronic illness.

As you can see, the energetic blockages which we make to protect ourselves obstruct our energy or life force.  As time passes, these blockages can get so intense that our life force is badly depleted and this can manifest as some disorder or illness.

The road to health with energy healing works through the “layers” of trapped energy from the past.  Although you may come with a “disorder” such as chronic fatigue, or Parkinson’s procedure will be to work through the layers of the energy area, releasing the trapped energy through different strategies.

This will involve an internal child healing – in which the energy healer would regress you to time a specific pattern began, and enable you to release the trapped energy linked to this pattern.  It might involve working with sound helping release energy that is overburdened, and balance it.  Or it can include allowing in amazing, higher vibration energy; any stuck energy that’s about to be discharged can’t bear this light energy, and thus releases in a calm way.

It might have taken a very long time for energetic patterns that have generated illness to accumulate in a person’s body.  Thus, besides, it can take time, and several healing sessions to work through the “layers” of emotions and trapped energy that enables the body to go return in shape.  My personal experience of healing from chronic illness is that I encountered having more energy and becoming better as time goes by.  It felt like it was the path to recovery instead of being “sick” one day and “well” the next.

Does Chronic Stress Lead to Chronic Illness

Stress is the usual reaction to a threat.  Short term basis, your stress reaction is a protective mechanism.  It’s built for survival against short-term threats.  Prolonged or chronic anxiety, though, may result in chronic disease and acute illness.

How Stress Functions

When you’re facing a scenario that stands out of control, your body prepares to meet the challenge.  On a primitive level, we call this response, “freeze”, “flight” or “fight”.  Your body is preparing to fight the battle, run out of it, or suspend in position.  Breathing speeds up and becomes shallower, blood pressure climbs alongside cortisol and adrenaline, your heart beats faster, and other changes happen that puts the body on “red state”.

Within this “red state” oxygen and nutrients depletes quickly as well as your immune system shuts down to free up those resources.  As soon as you’re done, there’s a recovery period, when all systems return to normal.

Chronic Threats

Your body isn’t intended to be on “red state” continuously.  The stress reaction is made for short-term bursts to prepare to confront and endure a physical threat.

Unfortunately, our contemporary lifestyle shows with emotional and psychological threats from which it is difficult to run or fight physically.  And, we often face those threats on a daily basis with no break.  Job stress, relationship stress, or simply listening to news can evoke the stress response.

Per study, research indicates that heart attacks occur most often on Monday morning.

Chronic Stress 

When you realize that life presents constant risks, your body remains on “red alert” for extended periods without relief.

Blood pressure and heart rate can stay high too long.  Your immune system becomes depleted and normal body systems are out of balance.  This involves imbalances in insulin, cholesterol, triglycerides and other hormones.

These long-term changes have also been proven to influence cognitive functions, such as memory, depression and anxiety.

When chronic imbalances persist unchecked, chronic illness is the outcome.

Chronic Illness 

Studies have linked chronic stress into various conditions such as halitosis, cardiovascular disease, higher blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, and many different autoimmune conditions, such as cancer, obesity, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue.

It is reasonable that when your valuable resources are out or depleted for long periods illness results.

How to Break the Cycle 

Listed below are necessary measures which you can take to regain control over chronic stress.

1. Notice what causes your anxiety response.

Observe your shallow breathing, heart racing, changes in temperature, feeling warmer or colder, difficulty sleeping, overeating or not eating enough, changes in thoughts – lack of concentration, clarity, or memory problems.

2. Acknowledge that you’re feeling out of control in the circumstance

Are you feeling helpless or stuck?  Just take a deep breath and then let it all out.  Feel your shoulders fall.  Feel your feet on the floor.  Acknowledge that if you aren’t in control of the events or people outside your company, you’re in full control of your own breathing and your decisions.

3. Simply take a simple action to rejuvenate your body

Get some fresh air, drink a glass of water, then eat a fresh salad or something light and healthy, and have a walk and stretch.  This step accomplishes 2 things.  It is a way that you take control of everything you could do. Plus it gives your body the time and resources it needs to take a break and re-balance.

5 Pillars of Chronic Illness

Regardless of all of the attention detail on wellness, fitness & exercise, diets along with the “wonders of medication” during the past couple of decades, our society is seeing a fast increase in all chronic illnesses.   These conditions & diseases include cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hypertension, obesity, osteoarthritis, depression and anxiety, Alzheimer’s, dementia, autoimmune problems, acid reflux, constipation, infertility, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, diminished libido, etc.

Science continues to demonstrate that over 99 percent of these illnesses are really preventable. They’re not “hereditary” as has been the message so long perpetuated.  Our lifestyle options and our surroundings identify whether or not we will express wellness and health.  This association between the environment and our genetic saying is outlined by the Science of Epigenetics.

There are some direct relationships which were verified in the study of chronic illness.  We don’t develop any of those aforementioned chronic illnesses due to the random chance or faulty genetics.  The “Five Pillars of Chronic Illness” represent the requirements of chronic illness.  We don’t develop chronic illness without meeting at least one of these “5 pillars” criteria first.

The 5 Pillars of Chronic Illness are:

  1. Low Immunity
  2. Chronic Inflammation
  3. Stress Hormones
  4. Low SHBG (sex hormone Binding globulin)
  5. Insulin Resistance

As such, it could be highly implausible (many might say “impossible”) to locate someone experiencing cancer that didn’t have one of these five pillars first.  At the simplest of metaphors, we can liken cancer or some of those other chronic illnesses to a cooked potato.  The potato did not only magically end up that way.  It was not bad potato or bad luck that cooked the spud.  Something should have preceded the final result of that potato being cooked.

It might have been roasted, baked,  slow-cooked, microwaved, fried or any combination of these.  These cooking methods would be similar to the five pillars.  They need to precede a cooked potato!  Evidently, developing chronic illness is a lot more severe and detailed than cooking.  Though, if we do not know the hierarchy of the way how sickness occurs we can not completely restore health.

In the event of chronic illness, the five pillars are intelligent physiological adaptations to yet another degree of precursors.  For the body to respond in the form of these pillars, or adaptations to the environment, there has to be a preceding state of Toxicity and Deficiency.

Lifestyle Preference

This usually means that lifestyle preference persists with our genetic blueprint for health and the prevention of chronic illness is being created.  It isn’t important if the lifestyle preference is relevant to nutrition, mindset or movement. If they’re deficient and toxic, instead of pure and adequate, the result is that your body system will intelligently express adaptations to this deficient and toxic environment in the form of the physiological stress reaction.  This reaction is summarized by the five pillars of chronic illness.

The physiological stress reaction doesn’t build health; it doesn’t heal.  What it does is that it lets short term survival from the pathogenic environment.  Basically, it buys you time to reach a healthy environment – one that is less deficient & toxic, more pure and adequate.


Our deficient and toxic lifestyle options are like stones in a back pack we wear as we tread water (a great visual illustration, made by Dr. James Chestnut, B.Ed., M.Sc., D.C., C.C.W.P.).  They gradually sink us to make our presence more stressful and challenging.  Just when the stones are left in the backpack, and we proceed to choose more stones, our bodies create the exceptionally intelligent choice to adapt to this new environment.

This is known as allostasis, the human body’s effort to keep stability in a changing environment.  The stones are called the allostatic load – the cumulative effect of our body responding to the stressors (deficiency and toxicity).

It is this allostatic load that leads to the physiological stress reaction as well as the 5 pillars of chronic illness.  With no stones, we do not proceed to the next stage.

Therefore, if we could stop placing stones into our backpack in the first place (by always making pure and adequate lifestyle choices) and eliminate the stones which are already there (by lessening toxic and deficient choices), then our body no longer has a motive to express the five pillars.  Without any of those five pillars, we do not develop chronic illness.

Our lifestyle decision are the linchpin in this connection between chronic illness and also the environment so choose wisely.

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