There is hope for Chronic Illness

The Bridge takes a whole person approach instead of a symptomatic approach. By addressing many aspects, not just a singular focus we have experienced wonderful success. There is a common misconception that “pain” takes place at various injury or illness sites and the rest of the body must simply accept the duration and intensity of the signal.

The Bridge Fibromyalgia Treatment Center teaches that most pain is actually interpreted and perceived by the brain and can come from a variety of stimuli. Imagine being an amputee and still having pain in your missing limb! It’s a very common phenomenon and provides us with clues as to how the body deals with and circulates the pain signal whether the original “cause” is still sending the signal or not.

The Bridge teaches how to access your personal system to calm or eliminate these chronic signals for relief with as little medication to the brain as possible. The key is learning to be productive, happy and at peace within the limits of your system. This is generally one lesson that is internalized beautifully and our graduates take great pride in doing things that many have told them they would never be able to do again.

One of our recent graduates came to the program after multiple failed back surgeries. At that time, she was getting by on $700 per month of disability. One and a half years later, she is taking in 10 times that per month doing what she loves and is starting her own designer line of shoes. Congratulations Myrna!

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