Roberta’s Recovery Story

“In July 2014 I felt defeated, anxious, frustrated, worried, and pretty scared. I was sent the website of The Bridge and had to stop reading it as I was crying too hard. After living with chronic pain for 31 years, I knew that finally help is out there and I couldn’t stop crying because I saw HOPE! I was more than ready and willing to embrace anything that could help me and I knew how important that was and signing up was a no brainer.

For the first time, I was focused on me and promised myself that I would participate fully even if it was uncomfortable. I felt instant acceptance, genuine kindness and caring, and most important, understanding. The lectures were invaluable as was every discussion with the therapists.

I knew what I wanted to work on and I did. As a result of my 3 week experience, I got my power back. I felt confident again for the first time in years. I learned how to embrace and be gentle with my physical pain. I soon realized that I can choose not to be a hostage to my health issues. I felt happy and in control again and got my life back out of choosing a new attitude and new outlook on life.

I knew The Bridge was not going to cure me, however, I learned new tools and those new tools enabled me to better cope with and handle just about any situation. Who can’t use some “coaching” for life especially in the stressful world we live. I must say that every health provider is top notch and amazingly talented. The staff is comprised of a group of individuals who are 100% committed to the quality of your life and will challenge you to step outside your comfortable zone which is where change lives.

I can’t say enough about The Bridge. It’s an amazing and brilliant program for anyone suffering. I have truly been transformed and will forever be grateful.”