Martie’s Recovery Story

“Before The Bridge, I was bedridden by depression, fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue. I had lost 30 pounds and was so weak I could hardly walk. When I would look in the mirror, I could see the light had gone out of my eyes. I wished constantly and prayed I would die. I was desperate, to say the least.

My wonderful husband found The Bridge on the Internet and we immediately set up an appointment to meet with The Bridge personnel for a tour of the campus. To tell the truth, I don’t remember the drive down or back (four hours each way), nor meeting with some of The Bridge personnel. I barely remember the facilities. My brain had just shut down. Together, we decided The Bridge might be my answer.

The program at The Bridge is absolutely wonderful. We were busy every minute of every day: Exercising, meeting with the “providers” which included several mental health personnel, a physical therapist, lecturers three times a day, a kinesiologist, and hiking the beautiful landscape of St. George, Utah, as well as many other providers and services. Oh, and the best of all: massages every day.

During my first week at The Bridge, I began to wonder why I was there. There were so many people in our group dealing with maladies so much worse than mine: Chronic pain, drug addictions, alcoholism, smokers, social phobics, and many other conditions. I watched them go through their withdrawals and achievements with courage and trust in the wonderful people around them.

During the second week, I finally woke up as to where I was and what I needed to do; and the work started for me.

I finished the program the third week on an adrenaline high. I was happy for the first time in many, many months. I had goals and looked forward to a brighter future. My body and mind were much more healthy.

My experience could not have been better. I came home so happy and ready to take on the world. I had made many new friends who were now drug-, alcohol-, and smoke-free.

But best of all, I’m there for my children and grandchildren, which was my driving force. I’m back, because of The Bridge. I highly recommend taking your afflictions to them. ”