Lori’s Recovery Story

“Put simply, The Bridge changed my life. I had been ill and suffering for years with chronic lyme disease, and I was despondent and convinced that I would never by healthy again. Looking back on my intake form for The Bridge, I saw that I wrote: “I am in pain all the time, extreme pain when I sleep and extreme pain when I do day-to-day activities such as walking. I am extremely fatigued and have ‘brain fog’. I am also depressed and cry often.” The Bridge providers brought me out of my deep unhealthy “funk”, helped me surrender to my recovery and taught me incredibly useful and practical tools to help me regain my health and well-being.
The Bridge program is rigorous, comprehensive and effective. There are so many elements to the program – there is no one silver bullet – and it was the synergy of all the program elements that put me on the road to recovery. I learned a variety of tools that together helped me heal and regain my strength — from reiki healing, acupuncture, psychotherapy and life coaching, to Chinese medical protocols, the mind-body connection, and Native American spirituality. It was overwhelming at times – like drinking from a fire hose – but the Bridge’s caring providers truly helped me apply all the lessons while I was in the program and then helped me plan how to use them when I returned home.
There are two groups of people that make the Bridge special: the providers and the participants. The providers are incredibly caring and kind, and pushed me to get the most out of the program, always with empathy and compassion. The participants became my second family. I attended the program with 11 people, ages 21 to 70, each with their own personal struggles and challenges, each having something very special to offer the group in terms of experience, perspective and wisdom. What we all had in common was the desire to regain our health and happiness. We were all very supportive of each other, and we developed wonderful, lifelong friendships. We continue to support each other to this day through e-mails, text, Facebook and snail mail. My “Bridge family” will always be a part of my life and hold a special place in my heart.
I feel so fortunate to have participated in the Bridge program and will be forever grateful to the Bridge providers.”