It’s not just the breathtaking views of red sandstone cliffs, desert flora and fauna and crystal blue skies, it is the whole feeling. Pictures taken of our area never seem to capture the vastness.

When you are here, you are reminded of openness and that the possibilities are limitless. We are situated in a perfect oasis within the high desert. Southern Utah is well recognized for the southwest’s warm, dry, unpolluted air.

While the landscape inspires poetry, we’ll leave that for your inspiration and you will see first hand the majesty that inspires us each day.

The Bridge Health Recovery Center is located at the beautiful Coral Springs Resort in scenic, St. George, Utah.

What to Expect

From this moment on, there are great opportunities for change and new beginnings in your life. With three weeks of focusing on nothing else but you and your health, expect changes in many aspects of your life. We know healing will occur. As you read on, you will know that we stand behind The Bridge’s program. We believe in our program and we believe in you.

The cornerstone of The Bridge is based on the structured, comprehensive approach of treating each individual as a whole, rather than a list of isolated conditions. Our process is designed to work in tandem with the mind and the body. We created a three week timeline for our program purposefully. This is the minimum amount of time we need to create lasting results.

why us the bridge health recovery center

We appreciate and utilize traditional medicine and the many medical advancements available today. With that said, we are always inspired by the body’s innate ability to heal itself. Healing therefore requires that each guest participate and be dedicated to their own recovery. The program begins slowly and continues to build each day. We always consider the limitations of each guest and adjust the program accordingly.

Meeting the needs of individuals with unresolved medical conditions is the mission of The Bridge. Since 2001, The Bridge Health Recovery Center’s program has been helping people restore their life back to living.

While The Bridge is a beautiful retreat, it is not a vacation. This can be a truly life-changing experience. So what to expect? Expect to work on yourself, with yourself and with us as we share in the common goal; you.

What Makes Us Different

Here at The Bridge Recovery Center, we offer programs and solutions for chronic mental and physical health issues. This renewal will change the direction one experiences and sees their health and ultimately life. Everything you do her will contribute to your healing. This is not a ?band-aid? solution. Healing is possible! There can be many things in the way of what our bodies ability to heal. We will provide in a condensed 19 day program what is best for the individual guest to recover. Many attend The Bridge at critical times in life because they feel lost, confused or frustrated about their health. At The Bridge we help guests find freedom to live life again by healing what is in the way of recovery. This is what makes The Bridge a powerful experience.

How is this done?

The Bridge is an environment with exceptional providers that meet one on one with each guest. Along with individual healing treatments, is the important education guest receive in our workshops and classes. The Bridge program is designed to work, stretch and explore the abilities of each guest, allowing them to not just be stronger than when they arrived but to change their perspective for the rest of their life.

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