Katie’s Recovery Story

Because of my experiences at The Bridge, I have gotten my life back! When I finally bit the bullet (at first, the price seemed very high to me) and decided to go, my life started changing immediately. I felt like, “OK, I am doing something very soon to claim back my SELF.” That alone gave me some relief. Let me tell you, the price that you pay is not even close to the service that you get with the number of professionals, lectures, excursions, etc. that are provided. I could not believe how nice the amenities were, and how good the food was. If a person goes to The Bridge with an open mind and an open heart and a willingness to fight to get back to the happy person that he/she can be, the financial and time commitment will fall by the wayside. If you don’t even try, you get a luxury vacation out of it. If you try though, you WILL conquer whatever is holding you back from being yourself.
When I got to Utah, I was in so much pain I could hardly turn my head to the right and left. By the time I left, I disposed of my pain pills. This was my idea. They will help you to get off of medication, IF YOU WANT. It made me feel very strong to make these decisions on my own rather than being coerced or forced to. Guests on sleeping meds, stay awake meds, anxiety meds, pain meds, and antidepressants are now totally drug free….and their pain and depression is LESS!!! Even if medications are not an issue to you, you can apply the process to any area of your life. If you are sad or living in terror, as I was, you will learn to deal with all of these things while you are there. And, you will put these things behind you. You are not your disease, or your depression. You are you, and you need to learn to love yourself again.
While I was there I learned how, with my thoughts, to change my level of pain. I also learned how, with my thoughts, to change the chemistry in my body that causes the pain and inflammation and anxiety and fear. I had already read all of the self-help books. I was afraid that this program would just be a regurgitation of everything I’ve already tried, heard, and read. It was not. The concepts, lectures, little tips and tricks were many that I had never heard before, and the best part is that many of them worked for me. They go at you with so many different modalities, that not everything will be something that you connect with, but since there are so many options, something definitely will. It’s like a one-stop shop for the mind and body.
You may have a serious illness, a chronic illness, or pain, or depression, or have a hard time managing pills, or alcohol, or anxiety, or a combination of all of those things, as many of us had in the Spring session. I went to The Bridge in the midst of a chronic pain/anxiety/depression cycle that was scaring the daylights out of me. I had many things happen in my life that just sort of manifested itself so that I internalized all of these things. I learned how to stop being so afraid of my thoughts. I learned to break the cycle of negative thinking. There were 9 of us in the program, and all 9 of us are grateful beyond words that we went. Not one of us walked away unhappy.
When I got to The Bridge, my face was covered in lines and stress and fatigue. My face was swollen and I just wanted to go home. I gave it a couple of days, and by the time I got home I was smiling and unafraid. My pain is less than a 2 on a scale of 1-10 (when I got there it was an 8). My family and friends cannot believe how much more focused I seem, and that I am smiling again gives them great joy. The big lines in my forehead are gone. You can see that I smile with my eyes today!