Smart Ways of Getting Rid of Pain Due To Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

The malfunctioning of the peripheral and central nervous system of the body causes Complex Regional Pain Syndrome or CRPS Syndrome. Normally characterized by constant pain, change in the color of skin and swelling of the affected regions. The International Association for Study of Pain has characterized this into 2 major categories depending upon the root cause of this illness. CRPS Type I is due to the damage of the tissue cells. On the other hand, CRPS Type II is always associated with a nerve injury. The disorder is incurable and majority of all the treatment methods for CRPS include relieving the patient from the sudden, chronic and immense pain. Moreover, it causes acute pain in a certain body part, and the pain can extend to other body parts too. Recovery from this condition can be achieved at a crps treatment center.

Causes of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

There no known root causes of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. However, doctors recommend that pain receptors belonging to Catecholamines are accountable for giving pain strength. Catecholamines are a particular class of neural messengers and are discharged from the sympathetic nerves. An unknown triggering of the immune system of the body that causes swelling of a certain area may be the possible cause of CRPS II. CRPS is not easy to diagnose. This is because some individuals having Complex Regional Pain Syndrome have shown great progress with no treatment. Therefore, a specialized doctor’s recommendation is mandatory before beginning treatment for any form of the syndrome.


There are various treatment options available for it and the majority concentrate on relaxing the patient by alleviating pain. Medications like anti-seizure drug, anti-depressants and corticosteroids can be found in drugstores. However, it is better to avoid drugs like these as there are can be a number of side effects from them.Moreover, aside from the above-mentioned methods, injections such as lidocaine is preferable.

Anesthetic injections can remove neural blockages thus regulates the circulation of blood to the affected region. The anode used in this treatment method can be beneficial as it directly impacts the central nervous system of the human body. Sympathectomy is the latest method for its treatment, which include killing of the nerve cells which are responsible for this syndrome. It has attracted lots of controversies and is a questionable topic.

National Institutes of Health and National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke are always researching for the treatment of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. They’ve supported a few speculations; however, there are no concrete results until this present time.

The Bridge Recovery Center in Utah can help you with CRPS concerns. If you think you suffer from this condition, please call us. We’ll walk you through on our treatment program and what you can expect. We are happy to assist you in your battle with this disease.

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