Getting Help For Chronic Pain

Phantom pain is an incredible phenomenon set up by multiple body systems. We have taken amputees with phantom pain as well as others with severe conditions like RSD and similar syndromes including fibromyalgia recovery. Pain is a sensation that is interpreted largely by the brain with the body as a catalyst on multiple levels. Phantom pain creates some interesting challenges, as often, the only relief comes from heavy doses of narcotics and other pain killers which can destroy organs and body tissues as well as become addictive and habit forming. Phantom pain can be helped by attending a chronic pain retreat.

The Bridge teaches the entire body how to manipulate the pain signal and release its message. We have treated severe cases of phantom pain with amazing success with most leaving virtually medication free. Let us help you when you’re ready to recover from your phantom pain and get back to real living.

As with all chronic pain, back pain can be elusive and difficult to treat. One of the most commonly failed surgeries is surgery to eliminate back pain. Discectomies, fusions, cages, nerve release, nerve blocks, spinal cord stimulators, pain killers and medications all have very poor outcomes in long-term legitimate research. Ask a back surgeon what it would take to force them into back surgery and the results may surpise you!

There are as many opinions on the cause of chronic migraines as there are patients and physicians! Basically, as with all pain syndromes, the body and mind are communicating a message that “something needs to be adjusted.” This condition can be one of the most debilitating and difficult conditions to overcome. Trips to the ER for shots, dangerous medication combinations (read your chronic migraine medicine information inserts) cold towels, over the counter medicines, and excesss sleep are no way to manage life.

Chronic neck pain can destroy lives but first it usually impairs employment, relationships, marriages and self worth. Since a great deal of life’s enjoyment and sensory input takes place from the neck up, having a strong, pain-free neck is critical to success on many levels.

Regardless of you MRI’s or X-ray findings your neck pain can be relieved. Chronic neck pain is seldom solved with surgery and many of those contemplating neck surgery or those that have had neck surgery have found no relief. The Bridge employs the entire body system for relief with excellent results.

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