Adult Onset (Type 2) Diabetes

Diabetes is considered to be an autoimmune phenomenon that destroys the specific cells in the pancreas responsible for producing insulin. The two different types of diabetes are unique. Type 1 generally manifests in childhood whereas Type 2 generally manifests in adulthood. However, there is a tremendous amount of gray area between the two that at times makes it hard to distinguish which type a person has.

What are natural treatments for type 2 diabetes??

There are simply some things that cannot be controlled or cured. However, there are some important behaviors that can cure or make a tremendous difference in diabetes. Even if diet, exercise and weight loss cannot eliminate the disease, when used together they dramatically help reduce the intensity of diabetes, as well as the amount insulin and medication required to treat diabetes in almost all cases.

Diet and exercise is not the only way to improve diabetes. Changing behaviors and attitude is a serious pursuit. It can be accomplished with the support of our experienced mind-body focused staff.

Our Alternative Diabetes Treatment

At The Bridge Recovery Center, we provide a very natural effective diet and exercise program for improving this condition. You will work with our personal trainers, therapists, chefs and other staff. They will make sure your stay is as effective as possible. Our physician and team are well-versed in type 2 diabetes treatment. They will also provide excellent support throughout your stay.

There is no reason you cannot function well and do virtually anything you want to do if you manage your diabetes properly. There are type 2 and type 1 diabetic athletes in almost every professional sport as well as at every level of business and politics. We ask only that you come with an open mind and a willingness to work. We have had great success dramatically reducing clients medication intake or leaving them insulin free after our diabetes treatment program. You will also be given appropriate tools and taught how to integrate and continue the diabetes treatment program when you return home.

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