Get Help with Your Prescription Management

There are times that the best attempts at healing leave both patient and doctor at a loss of what to do next. It is usually under these circumstances that medications are prescribed for the comfort and function of the patient. While this solution may work well short-term, it can be devastating over time. Doses must be increased, side effects can become worrisome, and then other medications are used to ease the effects of still others.

What about the patient and their delicate system? Some medications and necessary for function and life but many others are not and can create dependence and a loss of life. Marriages can suffer, jobs can suffer, families and relationships can be damaged and any semblance of normal living can disappear. The mission of The Bridge is not to negate medicine; our doctors are certified M.D.'s and D.O.'s with great experience in pharmaceuticals.

The mission of The Bridge is to try every way possible to allow your body to function beautifully on its own. You will bring all of your medication as if you were not going to adjust for the three-week program. Our goal is to help you heal and feel good enough to take as much of it as you can back home. Our success speaks for itself. How much time do you give to your medications and their schedule? Stop managing your life with schedules and doses of medications and call today to begin your recovery. Get to know the real you again, the one that has been medicated, sedated and hidden from the world for too long.

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