Healthy Weight Loss Clinic in St. George Utah

There is a stunning fact about weight loss in the United States. You are more likely to survive cancer than you are to lose 20 pounds and keep it off for five years. Why? Weight loss is not easy to maintain successfully for a variety of reasons. Emotions, past trauma, metabolism, genetics, diet, exercise, stress, age, gender, hormones, and medications of all types can affect weight gain, obesity, and weight loss.

Weight Loss and Obesity Treatment

Because of the complete approach at The Bridge, our clients have been very successful with weight loss and maintenance. The average obese male in the program can expect to lose nearly a pound a day, and the average overweight female can expect to lose almost a half of a pound per day. Please note, any calorie-reducing program can elicit weight loss, but it takes a complete approach to finding out why the weight came on in the first place and how to keep it from returning in the future.

Acheive Your Long Term Weight Loss Goals

To support your effort long term, you will be given recipes, cooking classes, emotional tools, and personal instruction that will be tailored to your system. Of course you must provide the initial effort, but after your three weeks in the obesity program at The Bridge, your system will have a great start in the right direction and you will have valuable tools to keep you on your path to health and recovery.

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