Equine Therapy - Mustang Experience

The Bridge Mustang Experience

The Mustang Experience is a personal, and unique experience "where heart meets horse." It focuses on the development of a relationship with the horse based on trust, willingness, and respect. Most guests have little or no prior experience with horses. In fact, many guests arrive with fear of horses and learn to overcome their fear. Fear, stress, anxiety, trauma, depression, and anger are replaced with peace, strength and emotional balance. This transformation occurs within the horse as well as the human.

Our guests come to understand the horse's perspective toward humans. They learn to observe the horse's nonverbal language. A critical component of this training is to create a safe space for the horse and the participant.

Create a bond with an American Wild Horse and learn to speak their language and create a willing relationship. These horses will help you find peace, balance and harmony. A fun and transforming experience using American Wild Horses to transform fear into curiosity, resistance into cooperation, and tolerance into willingness.

Equine Therapy - Mustang Experience Equine Therapy - Mustang Experience Equine Therapy - Mustang Experience

Equine Therapy Testimonials

  • "This Experience contributed so much to the ability to heal my soul."
  • "Realizing I need to get out of my head and into my heart."
  • "The need to be calm, assertive and communicate safety."
  • "Besides the birth of my son, this was the most powerful experience of my life!"
  • "Trust can bridge anything!"

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