Depression Treatment Center in St. George Utah

Depression is one of the most common conditions in our society today and one of the most highly medicated with some of the most elusive long-term success. While "chemical imbalance" is often used to validate this condition, the reason for the imbalance is often not addressed and can be from a variety of sources.

How does depression treatment work?

Diet, exercise, mind/body issues, trauma, loss, medication, life events, genetics, and accidents of all kinds can all contribute to the imbalance at the root of depression. To aid your recovery, we use meditation and mindfulness, medication and medication adjustments, excellent foods, personal training, massage, mind-body work and many other modalities to help your body's many systems reconcile and heal. Those issues mentioned above are all addressed as they can impact each individual in different ways. As those that suffer from depression know, this illness doesn't just affect one body system, depression is systemic. When providing treatment for depression, many prescribers and patients consider medication only. Our holistic approach allows our team to treat depression cognitively, medicinally, nutritionally, and physically.

What is the treatment for depression?

While depression causes an imbalance to all body systems, The Bridge depression clinic in Southern Utah attempts to address the cause of this imbalance and restore control to the guest and his or her system. This has been done repeatedly and successfully with guests of the depression rehabilitation program for over the last 14 years.

What about long term results for my depression and depression treatment?

Many of our guests at our St. George depression clinic have been returned home for years now and continue to manage their depression very well with very little or no medication. We would love to help you learn to recover from this debilitating condition with our comprehensive program. In the case of depression and medication, we do believe that the right medication can be helpful to the right person but also believe emphatically in the abilities of our guests. Exchanging "pills for skills" when possible has always been a strong suit of our program in depression recovery. Please let us help you see options to your depression that you may never have thought were possible. We believe in you! Please call today to speak to an intake specialist to find out more about our ability to help.

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