Connie's Recovery Story

"Having attended The Bridge Recovery Center this year in the Feb-March session, I can truly say that it was an experience like no other… I came here suffering from the many, many aspects of Fibromyalgia…Those of you who have Fibro can understand the vicious circle it causes in your life; Pain, depression, anxiety, loneliness, being anti-social, always crying, thinking you no longer want to be part of this world. So I'm speaking mainly to those people now, but down the line, I think I speak to all who have other things going on in their lives…
It was scary to come here from so far. I knew I wanted to come since a year before when I was going through tremendous pain. I researched several facilities and The Bridge stood out for many reasons… Thanks to the love and understanding of my family, this was the first choice when I was at that point again this year…I had never done anything like this…I had seen many, many doctors and specialists over the years as I know many of you have. I was tired of it all. You do come to a point in your life when you are just tired! I was tired of taking so much medication, drained of any energy. Tired of what doesn't work and tired of running around from doctor to doctor telling your story over and over and hoping you get a compassionate doctor, which many of you know is not an easy thing to do….Here was the answer for me…It was all in one place! It was worth a try.
Even after I made the decision with the help of my family, I got scared at the last minute and didn't want to come…The staff was so compassionate that they allowed my husband to come with me to make sure I got there safely and to see where I would be staying….He was treated very kindly for the day that he was there with me.
In the beginning, it was a little hard…I questioned myself and I questioned how this young staff could make a difference in my life…Don't let that first day scare you….It's all part of the process…I worried that I would not get along with the group because they were very diverse…There were people younger than me, a few close to my age and a few older and of different backgrounds…Don't let that scare you either….At some point, we all started talking to each other…We were all there basically for the same reason…We had all reached bottom with whatever ailment we had and this was like a last resort for us….Some of us had supportive families, some did not…They made it there on their own. What courage! Whatever the reason, we all bonded. The bond remains to this day & I believe forever… We still communicate and we still support each other.
The staff was amazing! Very kind, patient and attentive to our needs….Their cooks are amazing…You learn what is nutritionally good for you by seeing what they bring to the table and you can even sit in on some classes…
As for the healing, it was healing of the mind, body & soul….You are there to do the work and they are there to guide you…You have to be willing to help yourself like you have never done before…I can't say that it was easy…It was not, but it got easier as the days went by…That is why it takes the time that it does….The classes are part of that healing process. You learn so much from the teachers. You get to see the doctors, the therapists, the different instructors every day for the 19 days or so that you are there… They are experts in their field. There is so much more, but you have to go to find out…I highly recommend this program with all my heart and soul….It has made a difference in my life like no other and 8 months later, I still use everything I learned while I was there…I still keep in touch with some of the staff and instructors and most important is that many of us who went to the program have become my very dear friends that I will always treasure, love and miss. We went through this together, strangers in pain in the beginning. Now we are friends for life that keep up with each other's lives and support each other through whatever we may be going through…
I am not going to say that I am pain free…I am not. But the agony of my illness does not have control of me anymore. It no longer takes me to that place of depression that it used to before, because of what I learned there. I am happier now than I have ever been in the last 26 years of fighting this disease. My soul is content and I can handle many of life's problems and stresses much better…And for that I am deeply grateful to The Bridge & its Staff….. I sincerely wish I could go back one day and help out in any way I can & thank the staff for giving me back my life…. By giving this testimony, I hope that I can help someone who is where I was and that they decide to give this program a chance…. "
Connie - March, 2014 Guest

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