Get Relief for Chronic Pain, Neck Pain, and Back Pain at our St. George Retreat Recovery Center

Treatment for chronic pain usually consists of medications that can help in short-term. However, The Bridge Recovery Center in St. George, Utah helps each guest explore other long-term solutions as well. Traditional thinking would have most patients believe that chronic pain will control some part of their lives forever even with the addition of intense amounts of medication.

How does The Bridge Recovery Center provide treatment for pain?

The goal of The Bridge pain management program is to provide as much relief as possible for chronic pain problems with as little medicinal help as possible. Our multi-disciplinary approach uses everything from pharmaceuticals and pain management doctors to herbs, massage, mindfulness, nutrition, movement, stress management, and personal training.

What is the difference between regular pain and chronic pain?

One of the base principles taught by The Bridge is that pain is an information stream interpreted by the brain. ALL pain, whether from acute injury or from years of a chronic cycle uses this pathway. While acute pain can be critically protective, useful and necessary, chronic pain is often simply a deep cycle with so many variables that it can be difficult to control. Many of our guests come to the program with intense amounts of chronic pain as well as intense amounts of pain medication.

Can the bridge really help my chronic pain if I've had it for years?

Our physician and team of professionals have helped many guests reduce or eliminate pain medications that are no longer serving them well. Medication control is one of the primary reasons our guests have sought out The Bridge Recovery Center. Many have left medication free or using much less. While in the program we ask that you bring all of your medication you will need for the entire three weeks as if you will not be reducing your doses and then work in small steps from there. We are not a detoxification center, and are not equipped to manage severe abuse of street drugs or illicit substances.

Is there hope for my chronic pain?

All this being said, we can't help until you come! The St. George chronic pain recovery program is three weeks for a reason as lasting results take time, but getting started is the first critical step. We are comfortable with our claims of success and look forward to helping you recover from your chronic pain and the difficulty, life issues, relationship difficulties, lost work and self-esteem, and depression that can result from it. Please call now and let us help you begin a life of less pain and let us help you get started on your path to recovery.

Move forward for the first time in a long time and call now. Let us help you get started on the path to a deep and complete recovery.

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