Get Help with or Eliminate Your Chronic Back Pain

As with all chronic pain, back pain can be elusive and difficult to treat. One of the most commonly failed surgeries is surgery to eliminate back pain. Discectomies, fusions, cages, nerve release, nerve blocks, spinal cord stimulators, pain killers and medications all have very poor outcomes in long-term legitimate research. Ask a back surgeon what it would take to force them into back surgery and the results may surpise you!

Our approach is to try everything first and use invasive surgery as a last resort in all cases of chronic pain and back pain. If you've already had surgery for back pain hope is not lost! Our "record" is 13 failed back surgeries for a single patient trying to eliminate back pain. That patient went through the program in October of 2001 and is currently narcotic free and working full time! Nice work D!

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